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Pakistan's Digital Footprint

Pakistan’s population now has access to the internet and mobile phone subscriptions had reached over 170 million by 2018. This growth in usage has led to an increase in economic activities, providing many opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs. Additionally, new digital start-ups are emerging across the country with innovative ideas and solutions that are helping to shape Pakistan’s future.

Digital Leader Global

DL Global Awards is a platform, to recognize the inspiring individuals That are at the leading edge of Digital & Tech Business. 

The idea is to bring together thinkers and doers to analyze lessons learned from the global digital and tech industry.  







Awards Distributiion

15 Awards will be given to the best from the each country. Awardees can be from different nationalities. The selection will be done with the help of ministries of those countries. The event will be designed for different countries, those who are doing great in digital Industry with enormous innovations.

Welcome To DL Global Awards

Leaders of Digital Era!

The Digital Leaders Global Awards are an annual international awards program that recognize and celebrate digital transformation leaders in the public and private sector. The awards seek to discover, recognize, and celebrate organisations, individuals and projects that have achieved extraordinary success in delivering digital technologies. The awards are organised by Digital Leaders, a global network of professionals who deliver digital business change across all sectors. Entrants can be nominated for categories such as ‘Digital Leader of the Year’, ‘Innovative Use of Digital Technology in Government’, ‘Digital Transformation Project’ and many others. Winners will receive a trophy at the awards ceremony which takes place on an annual basis.

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