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Mentorship Program

Personalized, Online mentoring to enable a Marketer to fulfil her/his profession potential.

Mentoring is a powerful way for both mentees and mentors to grow and improve. It started with the belief that mentoring can make a big difference and that technology and community can help connect people and create positive change. 

We have combined these ideas to create a new method of supporting industry professionals. We help them strengthen their businesses, build their skills and confidence, and gain more knowledge. 

Our online platform brings together mentees and business mentors from anywhere. They work together for two months to create a plan for the mentee’s business or personal growth, based on their goals. Both the mentee and mentor gain incredible benefits from this strong mentoring partnership. 


Applications are Open. If you would like to register your interest for the program, you can do so using the form below:


The Mentoring Platform – A place for Collaboration

In this program, the most important thing is the special one-on-one mentoring between people. They talk to each other only through our special online platform for mentoring.

This recently revamped platform has been tailored specifically to facilitate the establishment of strong connections between participants from different locations to become friends and work together. They can share ideas, solve problems, and do projects as a team. They also celebrate their successes together.

It enables the pair to:

  • – Conduct video calls and share direct messages.
  • – Track goals and manage tasks efficiently.
  • – Upload and review files and documents
  • – Monitor and analyze their progress.
  • – Easily track their individual learning


Mutual Benefits

At our Platform, mentors and mentees team up for few months to focus on the mentee’s growth and business objectives. By combining their unique abilities and talents, they make incredible progress together.

Mentees experience remarkable achievements, such as refining business plans and strategies, introducing new products, boosting self-assurance, acquiring skills, enhancing financial systems, expanding their networks, and much more!

Mentors also gain a lot from this experience, as they learn about different cultures or industries, improve their listening, communication, and leadership skills, and contribute to the success of another person and their business. It’s a win-win collaboration!


The Process

To ensure our pairs get the most out of their time together, the relationship is broken down into four key phases:

  • Phase 1: Get to know each other.
  • Phase 2: Set the direction and goals.
  • Phase 3: Work through the action plan and objectives
  • Phase 4: Reflection, conclusion, and graduation.


At our organization, we recognize and respect the diverse working styles of individuals. As part of our mentoring program, mentors and mentees have the autonomy to collaboratively decide on the most suitable meeting schedules and durations that align with their preferences and commitments. However, we do encourage participants to engage for a minimum of six hours each month using our exclusive and tailored mentoring platform.


Rest assured, our expert team will be by your side throughout the entire process, offering unwavering support to ensure that mentoring pairs foster meaningful connections and optimize their experience on our cutting-edge online platform.

To ensure the effectiveness of our program, we conduct regular progress monitoring and periodic check-ins with each mentoring pair, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and growth.


Please fill out the form above to express your interest in becoming a mentee, and we will be back in touch.

We will send you a form of detail application. Your application answers help us get to know you and find you a mentor who is the best fit for your interests, background, needs and goals.

We aim to process and respond to applications within seven working days. 


If you have any technical issues at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.