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Meta’s special wristbands let you type easily by just thinking about it

Meta is developing a unique wristband that can track the movements of the hand and fingers by detecting the neural signals in the arm’s nerves. The goal of this wristband is to enable users to type by merely thinking about the words they want to type, eliminating the need for any physical movement. This technology surpasses traditional input methods such as using a mouse or a gaming controller. While Meta has yet to share detailed plans about their vision for this technology, it’s clear they are aiming for something significant.

Unlike Elon Musk’s Neuralink, which requires surgical implants in the brain, Meta’s neural machine interface is non-invasive and utilizes the unused bandwidth in the human nervous system to interpret control inputs with minimal physical movement. Mark Zuckerberg first introduced this technology as an experimental model in 2021, expressing his desire to make it available to the wider public. In a recent interview with the Morning Brew Daily podcast, Zuckerberg revealed that they’ve been working on this project for several years and are close to releasing a product. This advancement could revolutionize augmented reality/virtual reality and human-machine interactions, offering a new, private, and efficient way to control AR glasses and other devices by simply thinking or making slight hand movements.

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